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Vac Con Sewer Trucks

Metro Rooter Proudly Offers Vac-Con® Servicesvancon-sewer

Vac-Con is a vacuum truck used for hydro excavation, pipeline cleaning with sewer jetting trucks and septic pump outs. More than 9,000 Vac-Con® truck-mounted units have been made since the company was founded in 1986. These trucks offer the most powerful and dependable machines in the business. Now, you can turn to the plumbers at Metro Rooter for this powerful service.

Our Vac-Con® services in Jacksonville include vacuum improved recovery of products and assistance for removal and disposal of different industrial sludge and waste, dewatering for emergency response, and storage tank management demands for dewatering.


The trucks allow Metro Rooter to effectively remove sludge, liquids, and solids from various sites in and around Jacksonville. Substances are removed from a broad range of locales through clean environmental means. That’s what these trucks are all about. Having a fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks allows us to expand our capabilities. We can move the waste from vacuum boxes and other containers for temporary storage or removal on site or off-site.

There are many uses for Vac-Con® vacuum trucks in Jacksonville including:

  • Catch basins need to be cleaned out
  • Cleaning of sewage pipes
  • Disposal of garbage in businesses 
  • Dewatering 
  • Sewage treatment 
  • Grease trap sanitization 
  • Debris that may or may not be dangerous 
  • Oil & Water Separators

Immediate Removal Actions:

  • Pits, tanks, and sumps are all examples of this 
  • Remediation of the environment in case of an emergency 
  • Digging with a hose

It’s challenging to dispose of septic waste if you don’t have the necessary personnel and equipment in place. As a result, cleaning up spills using vacuum trucks is required to prevent the spread of illness and maintain a clean atmosphere.

Human access to the concrete channel and vacuum trucks is commonly used to remove the culvert residue, cleaned with an enormous volume of water. Cleaning culverts and other drain water channeling systems are essential to preventing inland floods.

Silt, sand, trash, and sludge are some materials that must be removed from a construction site. To keep draining water flowing freely, these critical drainage water channels need to be well maintained. Obstructions in waterways may quickly turn something simple into a more serious environmental problem if they are not handled immediately.

Culvert Maintenance with Vac-Con®

When it comes to clearing debris from culverts and other concrete channels, it has always been a complicated and frequently dangerous process. That was until the arrival of the Vac-Con® vacuum truck. This enormous suctioning machine is situated on a roadway shoulder next to a drainage canal and should not be driven during siphoning for safety reasons.

Using a Vac-Con® truck in Jupiter, one may remove dirt and other debris built up over time in the building. As a result, all the water sprayed on the concrete is suctioned into the vacuum truck together with all the remaining sand, silt and sludge. Rubble should be removed from the concrete channel before it is filled. Vacuum trucks are an excellent choice for this job since they increase output while decreasing labor costs.

Vac-Con® Benefits

Cleaning and removing trash from culverts with vacuum trucks have several advantages. If the clean-up and maintenance job is done manually, it will take a long time and be expensive. Vacuum trucks are required by towns and government entities to stay on schedule and complete the work more rapidly. Some advantages include:

Suction devices capable of handling up to 9,000 gallons of waste may be found in larger trucks, while smaller vehicles can hold up to three times as much waste. Transporting significant volumes of sediment in one trip is critical to the success of the vehicle.

With technical developments, the vehicle has shown itself to be more effective and efficient at cleaning culverts than ever before. In addition to that, it boasts a more comfortable control system and is significantly more fuel-efficient.

Cleaning operations have evolved from a labor-intensive business model to rely heavily on the utilization of high-tech cleaning equipment. Providing timely target achievement is also vital to the success of a project. A practical and safe job may be completed by using a vacuum truck.

Vac-Con® is Better Than Manual Cleaning

In comparison to manual cleaning, which may take days or even weeks to accomplish, vacuum trucks can clear dirt in a matter of hours.

Once the vehicle is full of suctioned material, it may be immediately and easily transferred to treatment facilities without needing an additional vehicle, as the silt is conveniently confined in the vacuum tank.

Culvert cleaning may now be done safely and effectively thanks to these iinnovative and upgraded vacuum vehicles in use today. To lessen and avoid flooding in any residential locations, removing any blockages and pressure washing any water routes is essential. The vacuum trucks can remove culvert residue and avoid floods even if certain obstructions must be cleared manually since they cannot be handled by the vehicle.

Turn to Vac-Con®

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