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Underground Utility Contractor

We are an Underground Utility Contractor in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Orange Park, St Johns, St. Augustine and Fernandina, FL

20150505_191117 (2)1Metro-Rooter is a Jacksonville based underground utility contractor. When you hire Metro-Rooter, you don’t just get a contractor, you get a partner who is committed to your project’s success. We are an underground utility specialist, which includes water and sewer installation and repair. Along with laying pipe in the ground, we help manage the complexities of underground construction.

With our decades of experience in underground utility work, we can help minimize or eliminate unnecessary delays or costs by identify potential problems before they happen. Our utility crews have a proven track record that will help keep your job site on track and on budget.

We specialize in the following Underground Utility Services:

• Domestic Water Line Repair and Installation20150504_162023 (2)1
• Water Pumping Stations
• Firelines
• Wastewater Systems
• Wastewater Lift Stations
• Storm Sewers and Culverts
• Water Quality and Detention Ponds
• Re-Irrigation
• Temporary and Permanent Erosion Controls