Repair That Dripping Sink Today!

Dripping Sink RepairThere is no greater nuisance around the house than faulty plumbing. It can be noisy, messy and costly if left unattended. Large problems like burst pipes require extensive work inside the walls to repair. But for a simple dripping sink a small repair job by a qualified professional is all it takes. The work can be done quickly and will eliminate the annoyance while keeping your water bills down and your sink clean and dry when you want it that way.

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How to Nip That Plumbing Drip

It’s not just annoying, it’s expensive and a plumbing nightmare. It’s that drip you hear coming from any and all faucets in your home. Just how expensive is that small drip coming from your sink?

It may not seem like much but even the smallest drip can add up to gallons after time. Think of it this way: if your faucet drips once every second every day, all day then it would only take 4.5 hours to reach one gallon of water. On an average day, you would waste 5 gallons of water or more shockingly 2,082 gallons per year. Now multiply that if you have more than one leaky faucet in your home. This is an average estimate of the amount of water a leaky faucet may produce. To get more specifics on your home, check out this free, leaky faucet drip calculator.

What to Do When You Have a Leaky Faucet

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7 Ways to Conserve Water

Conserve Water in Jacksonville FloridaIn Jacksonville, Florida, it may seem difficult to conserve water especially in the hot summer months. However, it’s simpler than you think to conserve water to save money and the earth.

Believe it or not, our water supply is finite. In fact, 97% of all of the water on the earth is salt water, which is not suitable for drinking. Only 3% of all of the water is fresh water, and only 1% is available for drinking water. The other 2% is stuck in ice caps and glaciers. With all the people on earth relying on the same, small supply of water, it only makes sense that we preserve and conserve our water. Additionally, monitoring the amount of water you use will assist you in saving money on your water and energy bills. Continue reading