Debunking Home Plumbing Myths

Wrench, Home Plumbing MythsIt’s those “tried and true” pieces of wisdom that have been passed on from your grandmother’s mother’s mother to you. When it comes to those quick-fixes around the home, we’ve all made the mistake of trying something that we’ve seen on the Internet or heard of from a neighbor – those  tidbits are oversimplified, or in most cases, just plain wrong.

Put Lemons in Your Disposal to Make It Smell Fresh
When life gives you lemons, resist putting them down the disposal. You might give your kitchen that sweet, fresh aroma for a little while but eventually the citric acid from lemons corrodes the metal inside your disposal.

Instead, use ice to polish your disposal from the inside out. It works much like a rock tumbler polishing rocks. Don’t let the noise scare you, it’s loud but it works. Continue reading