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Septic Drain fields

Dealing with your septic system can be confusing. Even more so when you are suspicious that something is off; but do not know for certain. In this situation, you may decide to wait it out and see if you are overreacting. Maybe it’s something as small as a clog. However, what may look like a clog could end up being a sign of a more serious issue. The best thing to do is have the Metro-Rooter experts, located in Jacksonville and Orange Park, come out and check it out for you. We understand that you may find yourself stressed. So in the meantime, here are some things you can do without our help.

Evaluate the Surrounding Area of the Septic Tank

If there’s one thing that tells you if the septic tank or system is having issues, it’s the surrounding area. It may seem odd, but evaluating this area can tell you a lot about the system as a whole. The first thing you want to check for is the grass near the septic tank and system. If the grass looks standard, that’s a good sign. However, if some grass patches look brighter and more sponge-like than the rest of the grass, you might have a problem on your hands. With this clue, you will know it when you see it. The grass affected will stand out from the rest. You also want to take a look at the drain field, otherwise known as the leach field. If outside the drain field you smell a weird odor and see leakage, there is likely to be a septic system issue that the Metro-Rooter team should look at.

Check for Backup

Something you can do on your own is check for backup, seen in the form of clogged pipes, built up, minimal bacteria, and tree roots getting in the way. If you spot any of these, you can get some idea of what is going on. Now, this does not always mean something serious is going on. But it is a good indicator and is worth getting checked out by the Metro-Rooter team. One reason this sign is one to keep an eye out for is that it can cause water to back up as well. And it may seem like it’s only water and no big deal. But this water can do some severe damage to your home. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to your septic system. The last thing you want is to deal with problems in the septic system and water damage to your home.

Evaluate Your Draining Water

Another visual you can check for is water drainage and the speed of the water drainage. More so, you want to take note of the water in your shower and sink. Is it draining slower than usual? Or does it look to be the same as any other day? A typical sign of there being a septic system issue is the water draining at a slow pace. There are other reasons why water may drain at a slow speed; however, if you are suspicious of something wrong with the septic system, then the two can very well be related. In the best-case scenario, you have a clogged drain. In that case, we can help you out with that while also checking to make sure everything else is in the clear.In the worst-case scenario, there is something else going on with the septic system. But don’t stress too much; the Metro-Rooter team can get to the bottom of the problem and fix everything up for you. Whether you are in Jacksonville or Orange Park, we got you covered. For your septic tank and septic system needs in Jacksonville and Orange Park, the Metro-Rooter team is here for you. We handle all kinds of septic services, from repairs to cleanings. We also work with commercial, industrial, and residential septic systems. The Metro-Rooter team can do it all, including all things plumbing. To learn more about how we can help you out, check out our website today! For any specific questions or to have our team check out your septic system, give us a call at (904) 695-1911.