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Lift Station Pumps Jacksonville, FL

Lift station pumps, also called Sewage lift/pump stations are used for pumping waste water or sewage from a lower to higher elevation, either where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow or when the use of gravity will result in excessive excavation. These units can be built as a factory assembled fiberglass package system or a concrete type system. Key elements of lift/pump stations include a waste water treatment receiving well (wet-well), equipped with lift pumps and piping with valves, a junction box, and an equipment control panel with alarm system.

The submersible type lift/pump station can be utilized on low flow, low head type installations. Two types of pumps are available for this: grinder pumps and solids handling pumps.

  • Grinder Pumps – When waste from households flow through the home’s pipes into the grinder pump’s holding tank. Once the waste water inside the tank reaches a specific level, the pump will turn on, grind the waste into a fine slurry, and pump it to the central sewer system or septic tank.
  • Solids Handling Pumps (Non-Clog Pumps) differ from grinder pumps in that, there is no solid accumulation or grinding of any kind, the solids are simply pushed through.

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