Hurricane Season is Coming. Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Septic System

As Floridians, we are all more than familiar with how dangerous hurricanes can be and all that comes with hurricane season. We can all agree that the biggest factor in determining what your damage will be is how you prepare. 

For many homeowners, the windows are the primary focus and that is where much of their preparation goes. But for homeowners who also have to worry about their septic system, preparing for hurricane season in Florida includes a bit more. 

We’ve listed a few ways you can make sure your septic system is in great shape and ready for hurricane season. These tips will not only save you time but you can also have peace of mind knowing you’ve saved yourself thousands in repair costs. 

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Septic System Inspection

The first step in ensuring the proper functioning of your septic system before and after a hurricane is to have a professional inspection done. By having an expert proactively assess your septic system you can avoid costly repair costs in the future. 

Of course, you could do a visual inspection to see if there is any obvious damage, but you’ll want the experienced eyes of a professional to be sure. 

Once you’ve scheduled a professional septic system inspection, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed to ensure everything works properly.

Professional Repair & Maintenance

After having a septic system inspection done, you’ll want to fix any issues that were found or follow up on any recommendations that were made. Hurricane season in Florida is chaotic and even rainstorms can be a challenge. With that in mind, you don’t want to procrastinate with making any repairs to your septic system as floods can occur at any time. 

According to the EPA, most septic systems fail because of design and poor maintenance. There isn’t much you can proactively do about poor design, but by properly maintaining your septic system you can avoid further damage to your system and your home once a storm hits.

A few common septic system problems you can avoid are:

  • Roots In or Near the Septic Tank
  • Animals or Debris In or Near the Septic Tank
  • Water Softener Damage
  • Bacteria and Enzyme Problems
  • & More

Prepare Your Yard

Once you’ve had your inspection and made the recommended repairs, you’ll want to check your yard to make sure everything is where it should be. In most cases, the technician from the septic system repair company will give you some insight into the details of your septic system. 

They will be able to educate you on the different components of your system and which of those components are located throughout your yard. 

You’ll want to make sure the tank is in a safe environment. This includes making sure the landscaping isn’t in the way, making sure the soil, branches, or even the roots of trees that could be uprooted don’t run the risk of damaging your septic system during a hurricane. 

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The Official Emergency Checklist for Your Local Septic Service Provider

Jacksonville Emergency Plumber

We all find ourselves stressed out from time to time, especially when dealing with emergency septic or plumbing problem. The feeling we get from the situation being entirely out of our control is not an enjoyable one. In these situations, we know we need to seek out a professional for assistance. However, far too often do people face the problem of companies not being able to help us with the entire problem. And no one wants to reach out to multiple companies, tracking down who can help with what. You need one company that can assist with everything from plumbing problems to septic tank services in Jacksonville.

Check Off the Boxes with Our Checklist

Most people feel stressed when dealing with any household problem, but having to track down multiple contractors does nothing more than add to that. But, when you have one company handling everything, some of the stress fades away, and you have peace of mind that the problem will get resolved. 

Not only that but it will get resolved efficiently and quickly with one team on the job. Whether you are currently facing household problems or not, keep this checklist in mind when vetting your service provider. Also, keep in mind that Metro-Rooter ( can assist with all plumbing, septic, and grease trap services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes happen from time to time and can happen to all types of appliances. Whether it’s the sink, shower, or toilet, the Metro-Rooter team can help. 

We examine the issue by utilizing several techniques, then we determine the best way to unclog the pipes. Every home is different, but we can always figure it out and get your sink, shower, or toilet back up and running like usual. Furthermore, we understand that these emergencies happen at all hours of the day. So feel free to reach out at any time; our phone lines are open around the clock and we’re here and ready to help.

Remodeling, Repairs, and Replacements

One of the worst parts of plumbing issues is the damage it does. This damage can even affect both the appliance and the property. With that said, you want to ensure the service provider you go with can repair the problem in its entirety. Fixing the plumbing issue is only half the battle. With Metro-Rooter, you can check this off your emergency services list. Whether you have problems with your bathtub, toilet, or sink, we can repair the problem or replace it in its entirety. 

Our team does not simply repair then leave you to handle the rest. We see projects out to the end and don’t stop working on them until they are as good as new.

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For your variety of plumbing, grease trap, and septic tank services in Jacksonville, Florida, and surrounding areas, we got you covered. Metro-Rooter is the company that checks all of the boxes on your emergency checklist. We understand that when it comes to plumbing and septic tank services in Jacksonville, that one problem isn’t always all there is. Sometimes, many issues require fixing for everything to run smoothly and you can rest assured knowing we can help you with them all. 

The entire system, from plumbing to appliances to septic tanks, is connected. With that said, we ensure our team can do it all. To learn more or inquire about our services, reach out to our team today at (904) 695-1911.

Time to Review Your Plumbing and Septic Systems

Are you experiencing slow drainage, unusual noises, and foul odors coming from your sewer or septic system? That may be an indication that you have a plumbing issue that needs attention asap. Today, it is not uncommon for homeowners to have either a sewer or septic system. While offering similar benefits of waste management, i.e., both systems filter out dirty water and bacteria from the water before it enters the environment, you may have a preference for one over the other. Jacksonville septic systems are considered more environmentally friendly, and unlike a sewer system, all costs are the homeowner’s responsibility. Nonetheless, many homeowners swear by septic systems because they use less energy, treat wastewater locally, reducing the threat of leaks in the home, and make a smaller environmental impact.

Water Back-Up: If water from your washing machine or dishwasher is backing up, allowing sewage to enter your home, it’s time to call in the expert plumbing technicians at Metro-Rooter, considered the best Jacksonville plumbers.

5 Things to look out for to make sure your Jacksonville septic system is running smoothly:

Standing Water: Standing water can pose a health hazard in your yard on the best of days, but when this putrid-smelling water reveals itself near your drain field, your septic tank is probably to blame! It’s time to call in the Jacksonville septic experts!

Green, Spongy Grass: One of the first indications that your septic tank is experiencing plumbing issues is the sudden appearance of greener, faster-growing grass near the drainage area. This means that your lawn is getting more fertilizer than it asked for.

Foul Odors: Do you smell something unpleasant in your yard, like rotten eggs? Then it could mean that your septic tank is releasing toxic sulfur into the air. This is a hazardous situation that must be cleaned up by our expert Jacksonville plumbers immediately.

Slow Drainage: If your bathroom or kitchen sinks, shower, or tub are draining slowly, it could mean you have an issue with the pipes in your home or the septic system.

What else can a Jacksonville plumber do for you?

As a homeowner or business owner, you expect the very best in plumbing repair services, and that is what the licensed and skilled plumbing technicians at Metro-Rooter aim for each time we visit your home to assess and make necessary repairs. We provide expert service for your plumbing or septic system, but here are some other situations that you may need to call on us for:

•           Commercial plumbing repairs and installations

•           Water heater maintenance, repair, replacement, and removal

•           Electronic leak detection and pipe location

•           Toilet tank and drainage repairs

•           Water softener and filtration systems

•           Sump pump replacement

•           Electronic line location

•           24-hour emergency Services

Why call the most trusted and experienced Jacksonville plumber?

When it comes to finding the best Jacksonville plumbers, you want to make sure to hire a seasoned team of technicians that services both residential and commercial plumbing issues. If you’re interested in reviewing your plumbing and septic systems for 2021, then Metro-Rooter is your best choice. We are dedicated, dependable, reliable, and sensitive to environmental concerns. As a top-rated and requested plumber in the area, we are considered the market leader in Jacksonville. Don’t hesitate to call one of our courteous team for a free and fast quote today at (904) 695-1911.