How to Nip That Plumbing Drip

It’s not just annoying, it’s expensive and a plumbing nightmare. It’s that drip you hear coming from any and all faucets in your home. Just how expensive is that small drip coming from your sink?

It may not seem like much but even the smallest drip can add up to gallons after time. Think of it this way: if your faucet drips once every second every day, all day then it would only take 4.5 hours to reach one gallon of water. On an average day, you would waste 5 gallons of water or more shockingly 2,082 gallons per year. Now multiply that if you have more than one leaky faucet in your home. This is an average estimate of the amount of water a leaky faucet may produce. To get more specifics on your home, check out this free, leaky faucet drip calculator.

What to Do When You Have a Leaky Faucet

Although the Internet has made it seem like it’s easy for you to fix leaky faucets on your own, it may not be that simple. Continue reading

Four Going Green Plumbing Trends

Today’s hot topics are all about the conservation of our natural resources, including water.  Many people are incorporating green features in their new home design from the kitchen to the yard and the bathroom. Here are four Going Green plumbing trends that you should consider installing in your home:

Lead-Free Faucets
Join the safest trend in replacing your old faucets with lead-free ones. If you don’t, you could be consuming distasteful and harmful lead on a daily basis.

Solar Hot Water
Since most traditional solar hot water collectors are being replaced with less expensive plastic models, water warmed naturally by the sun is becoming more of a real possibility for most homeowners.

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Debunking Home Plumbing Myths

Wrench, Home Plumbing MythsIt’s those “tried and true” pieces of wisdom that have been passed on from your grandmother’s mother’s mother to you. When it comes to those quick-fixes around the home, we’ve all made the mistake of trying something that we’ve seen on the Internet or heard of from a neighbor – those  tidbits are oversimplified, or in most cases, just plain wrong.

Put Lemons in Your Disposal to Make It Smell Fresh
When life gives you lemons, resist putting them down the disposal. You might give your kitchen that sweet, fresh aroma for a little while but eventually the citric acid from lemons corrodes the metal inside your disposal.

Instead, use ice to polish your disposal from the inside out. It works much like a rock tumbler polishing rocks. Don’t let the noise scare you, it’s loud but it works. Continue reading

What Is Hard Water?

Water Drops, Hard WaterIf you’re a homeowner, then you’ve heard the term “hard water.” You might be familiar with the potential problems it may cause or signs to watch for to indicate hard water. However, do you really understand what hard water is and how it can affect your home plumbing?

As water moves through soil and rock, it dissolves small amounts of minerals, then holds them in a solution. The two most common minerals that are dissolved in the water are calcium and magnesium. When there is an excessive concentration of both, the water is considered to be hard. Essentially, the higher the levels, the harder the water.

To help determine accurate levels, water analysts have developed a table to measure and compare water hardness. In this table, levels of calcium and magnesium are measured in “grains per gallon” (gpg). Again, the higher the gpg, the harder the water.

Here are a few measurements to help you better understand this often ambiguous definition:

Dangers of DIY Plumbing

Sink, Plumbers, Jacksonville, FlAs homeowners, we’ve all considered doing it – repairing a plumbing issue yourself to save money. With online tutorials and videos at your fingertips, it seems like an easy to task to follow the instruction and fix that leaky pipe yourself.

The main reason homeowners will attempt to tackle plumbing repairs on their own instead of calling in help is to save money. Whether you’re tight financially or between jobs, residential plumbing is a serious task that should always be handled by a professional.

By the time that the professionals at Metro-Rooter receive an emergency call, it is often because  a homeowner has tried and failed to handle a plumbing job on their own.

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